Inspired by fruits & Flavors from the Caribbean

Our Inspiration

Oh Lait! Oh Lait! Was inspired by the fruits, the drinks and the sweet confections from Latin America and the Caribbean. As a young girl, founder and CEO, Soroya Pognon remembers the best conversations and the best memories took place around the kitchen table. It was there she learned how to make food, bake cakes and make ice cream.

Years later, she took the simple ice cream recipe and started to experiment with various fruits her parents often talked of. She soon realized that she not only created something people loved, but it was something that immediately transported them to another world- a spoonful of paradise.

Rum Cake





Rum Cake

Sweet cream with almond extract, real rum & marzipan bits.

There are different variations of rum cake. Our ice cream is inspired by a version made from ground almonds and soaked in rum. Part cake, part ice cream and 100% delectable!


Coconut cream with plump rum-soaked raisins.

Coquito aka Punch aka Crémas is a rich and delicious cocktail found in the Caribbean. In our rendition, we have combined plump rum soaked raisins with coconut cream to make an equally delicious ice cream!

Caribbean Chocolate

Rich, creamy chocolate with natural cinnamon flavor.

This is not your average hot chocolate! Our chocolate uses the finest cocoa powder and combines it with the warm flavors of vanilla and cinnamon to create a decadent, luxurious ice cream.


Bold fruit taste naturally flavored with cinnamon & nutmeg.

You’ve never had a mango quite like this one! Your spoonful of paradise starts with a carton of sweet and creamy mango ice cream- made from alphonso mangoes and coupled with the warm flavors of vanilla and cinnamon.


Creamy, sweet & tart!

Guànabana aka Soursop aka Corosol starts out sweet, but has a tart finish. Some liken it’s flavors to the taste of a pineapple and others liken it to a banana. Either way, this delicious fruit is loved by many throughout Latin America.

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